How You Can Help

Ultimately, we believe that Startram will be deployed. It represents the best path to ultra-low cost launch. The only question is whether it will be deployed by individual countries for national security and military purposes, or whether it will be deployed as an international, peaceful program designed to bring prosperity, opportunity and security for all mankind.

If Startram is to be a peaceful, international program, it needs your help. People must demand it, and people must work for it. Recent history has shown us that people working together, outside of the establishment, can do great things. Whether it is demanding democracy in the Middle East, or creating new hardware and software via the open source movement, groups of motivated individuals are a powerful force.

To this end, we are seeking skilled, motivated people who want to ensure that access to space is available to all mankind, and not left to the sphere of militaries and national security administrations.

If you think you can help in any of the following areas, please fill out our contact form.

Web Design

3D Modeling and Animation

Engineering Design

Engineering Simulation

Aerospace Engineering

Geolocation and Site Analysis

Environmental Impacts

Economic Impacts

International Treaties and Governance

Space Industry Analysis


Non-profit and Not-for-profit Corporations